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Important warning:

This blog is being deleted, for personal life reasons. I’ll miss you all! Bye bye

Anonymous: "are you guys planning to done the requests"

maybe, yes but it’s been hard making them (at least for me) bc school you know

Anonymous: "25*media*tumbl*com/a4ce408bf822bc188f108dcc5099e976/tumblr_mmccirJU5R1s0jiw1o4_250*gif I'm sorry but this gif is really awesome, what's the sharpen setting? :)x"

k im on my phone i cant open it now npbut whatever gif this is i used my action and i posted it /tagged/action


  • requested: gif psd for Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” music video
  • please do not redistribute the psd or claim it as your own
  • like or reblog this post if downloading


Anonymous: "como vcs fazem esse efeito brilhoso na foto? tipo esse: 24(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/97c0ba3875ce8dc673809bdd46ab91cf/tumblr_mkdlmoqQXB1s0jiw1o2_250(.)jpg"

como assim brilhoso? vc quer dizer a action??

Anonymous: "hey, can i request a taylor swift psd from sonofaguns? :)"

okay :)

Anonymous: "Can you make PSD GIFs for Christina aguilera's Your body video?? pleaseee"


sadserenada: "your new psd is amazing *-*"

thanks! :)

Anonymous: "When you post photos and say, quote "don't claim as your own" are you saying that these photos are in fact YOURS? Because unless you were the original photographer, you have no right to tell people whether or not they can use "your" photos."

we are saying that the psds are ours??? i mean ‘don’t claim the psd as your own’